About IIL Media

“You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.”

 – Zig Ziglar

It is in the spirt of building people, then a business, that IIL Media, a division of International Institute for Learning (IIL) based in New York City, was founded.  IIL is headquarters to its worldwide corporate training organization, with wholly owned companies in 15 counties strategically located globally.  What makes IIL Media very unique is its global access and work with IIL teams and clients in the U.S.  France, Spain, Germany, Finland, the UK, Singapore, China, Japan, India, and more.

IIL Media is staffed by a team of seasoned, award-winning producers, writers, directors, and media production specialists. Visual storytellers, who can turn figurative ideas into literal concepts creating unique video works. IIL Media specializes in making high quality professionally produced video products that inform, entertain, educate, and influence. We’ve been doing this for nearly 30 years. That’s experience.

Our team will help you find the best solutions for telling your unique stories or provide you with visual metaphors that build your brand, engage and captivate audiences.

Our Mission

Our creative motto: “Take people to places they have never been. Introduce them to people they have never met and tell them stories they have never heard.”

 – d.b. Roderick

We see our clients and projects as unique stories to uncover. IIL Media’s award-winning staff of seasoned producers, writers, directors, and technical personnel, has garnered years of production experience and know how to help clients like you solve problems, and successfully achieve the objectives, scope, deadlines, and budget for your projects. We collaborate with you to develop innovative, informative, and impactful video presentations that captivate audiences and deliver the results you are seeking.

Our Team

“The Truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great Achievements.”

 – John C. Maxwell

The IIL Media team is team of passionate production professionals who understand the nature of production is a team effort. Under the leadership of  d.b. Roderick, IIl Media has earned the respect and praise of clients worldwide.

Before helping to form and subsequently joining IIL Media, Roderick’s eclectic journey through the film and television industry garnered numerous prestigious acknowledgements, including, several national and local EMMY Awards, a Peabody Nomination, the Lincoln University Memorial Award and an Action for Children’s Television Award. His vast experience includes Senior Producer/Writer/Videographer credits with NBC News, CNBC and MSNBC. Roderick produced investigative and feature documentaries and specials, such as “Black Hawk Down” and co-produced with Barry Sheck, creator and founder of the “Innocence Project,” “Falsely Accused, Wrongly Convicted.”

As Senior Producer for MSNBC/NBC Sports, he produced the special “The Year of the Tiger,” documenting Tiger Woods’ rise to the professional golf ranks, Virgin’s Richard Branson’s biography and worked with Poet Laurate, Robert Pinsky on the highly acclaimed series, “America’s Favorite Poems, archived at the Library of Congress.”

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences acknowledged his contribution to the reporting of the events of September 11, 2001. Roderick earned an appointment as Artist in Residence at Emerson College in Boston where he taught undergraduate and graduate film studies and screenwriting. He has lectured at some of the country’s leading universities and colleges, including Harvard Medial School, Boston University, Boston College and Brandies University.’

Working with Roderick, is a core staff of remarkable production professionals that include, Kristen Boornazian, Production Manager, Andre Infante, Associate Producer and Alex Feng, Online Video Editor. Together this team has creatively addressed the creative needs of IIL’s clients world wide.